At the estate, stay in rooms that are built in the chalet style. Built into the side of the hill, and surrounded by nature, inspired by the original planters’ bungalow. There are four rooms in each chalet, two on the upper level and two on the lower level. All the rooms have a rustic architecture at the Windermere Estate. Featuring high gabled roofs and beams of red cedar. Spend your days in quiet rumination, exploring the vast open grounds of the estate.  


Planters Rooms

Elegant & picturesque, unwind in the balcony overlooking one of the finest mountain views


Estate rooms

Live large in the Estate rooms that open into the canopies of trees.


Garden rooms

Experience the joys of a garden right by your


All our rooms have been thoughtfully handcrafted over the years. We have poured over the details of our rooms with a keen dedication to aesthetics. Each of our rooms is distinct in its character and design, given that they were built at a different time and location. Our rooms are bright and airy with lots of natural light and large windows. Over time we have commissioned generously proportioned furniture - hewn by the local craftsmen, We have also chosen particular hand-embroidered sheets of soft linen and cotton that speak to the interiors. Some of the handloom embroidery work done in the family can be seen on tapestries hung up on the walls. Our terracotta floors are rubbed with linseed oil and hardwood floors polished with traditional wax.